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Article: Gallery Wrap Frame


Gallery Wrap Frame

Gallery wrap refers to a method of stretching and wrapping a printed canvas around the sides of a wooden frame, creating a visually appealing and frameless presentation for artwork, especially canvas prints. This technique is commonly used for reproductions of paintings and photographs, providing a modern and clean look to the finished piece.

Key features of a gallery wrap include:

  1. Canvas Wrapping: The canvas is stretched and wrapped around the wooden stretcher bars, covering the entire frame, including the sides.

  2. Frameless Appearance: With a gallery wrap, there is no visible frame from the front. The image on the canvas extends to the sides, giving the artwork a three-dimensional and contemporary appearance.

  3. Ready to Hang: Gallery-wrapped canvases are typically ready to hang on the wall without the need for an additional frame. They often come equipped with hardware such as wire or D-rings.

  4. Continuation of the Image: In the case of art prints, the image on the front of the canvas seamlessly continues around the sides, ensuring that the entire piece remains visible and aesthetically consistent from various viewing angles.

Gallery wraps are popular in contemporary art and photography because they provide a sleek and modern presentation. Artists and photographers often choose this method for its simplicity and the ability to create a polished, frameless look that draws attention to the artwork itself.







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