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    Who is Tamatina?

    What Does Tamatina offers?

    What are Tamatina Canvas Paintings made of?

    Are Tamatina Canvas Paintings Framed?

    Can I get a refund for the beautiful things in buy on Tamatina?

    Can I request a replacement?

    Can i cancel the order once i have placed the order?

    Cash on the delivery possible?

    Who is going to deliver the package?

    What is the dispatch and delivery time?

    What if I don’t receive the package?

    Will the courier company message me before delivery?

    What if i receive a damaged product?

    Courier website says package delivered but i did not receive anything.

    Bluedart is not in my area but i want the package fast.

    Is express shipping chargeable?

    I have placed the order but i'm not available at the time of delivery.

    Can i send Tamatina product as gifts to someone else?

    What are my payment options?

    Will i get a discount if i order lots of products?

    Will delivery be free?

    Can i request for a GST Invoice so i can claim input taxes?

    Which tax rate am i paying?

    I have a discount coupon, Can i use it?

    How long does it take for a refund to come back to my account?

    How long does it take for a cancellation to come back to my account?

    I really liked something but it's out of stock now.

    I ordered for something else but receive something else instead.

    I received something i never ordered.

    Can i place bulk orders?

    When and how can i contact tamatina?

    Which is the address to return the products?

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