Religious Symbols

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Religious Symbols



Tell me About the Canvas & Digital Print:

High quality Polyester Cotton Canvas fabric, hand-picked for each design for best quality ever. The Canvas is a bit thinner than the conventional canvas as it has to go through a printer & still retains the conventional qualities. It stretches easy when goes for frame & will have a half (1/2) inch blank border on all sides for framing so the painting does not get wasted. We are Geniuses.

The Digital printers we use are designed for fine art reproduction. Please remember you are looking at a digital reproduction so please keep your expectations open. Nothing beats a hand drawn painting but then the cost of a digital reproduction is very, sinfully tempting & definitely worth it. Our inks are made from Oil based Solvent colors which gives these painting that beautiful, premium, look they deserve.

But Maintenance?:

Don't worry, be happy because they are super easy to maintain & clean. As the Oil based colors are imprinted/embedded on to the Canvas nicely and evenly, it stays there like a good boy & has a longer life as compared to a traditional hand painting. The Colors get beautifully absorbed & then we do a super fine finish of Gloss to ensure longer life span and easy maintenance. You can clean the painting with a clean damp cloth once in a while & the colors would stay right there. Please just avoid prolonged direct sunlight like in Gardens or Porches as straight Sunlight will impact the colors quality & life.

And then What about the Framing?:

Good question. There are 2 types of frames now available in the market.

Gallery Wrap Frames.
Traditional Frames with a wooden/fiber beading on the sides.
We don't ship any of them as we don't ship them. We will ship the paintings in a rolled format so once you receive it then take it to a frame artist locally and it would be a lot cheaper then ordering a good quality frame painting online.

Frame is a pretty personal choice & goes with your wall, furniture color etc. Now that you have managed to come to Tamatina, we trust our judgment that you will give these paintings the best frames your taste prefers. If you one of those shy people & don't what to tell the frame guy then we can always help you by speaking to the frame person so there as less confusion as possible. We do anything for feedback. Why? Because we deserve them.

Thank You!

Team Tamatina

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